Implant Dentistry

A dental implant consists of inserting a small post composed of titanium into the missing tooth’s socket. After implantation, the bone tissue naturally fuses with the titanium post  to create a firm base for the replacement tooth. Essentially, the fusion of titanium and bone tissue forms an artificial tooth root. Our professional team takes each dental implant case and designs each procedure for the individual to ensure the best outcome. Once the tissue and the bone heal from the initial procedure of placing the titanium post, a single restoration, dentures, or a bridge may be attached to the post. Each titanium implant can hold one tooth.


One of the most common goals of an implant procedure is to insert a bridge. As opposed to placing crowns on healthy teeth in order to secure a bridge, implant dentistry allows for a bridge to be supported by placing a post in the location of the missing tooth itself. This allows for patients to leave their healthy teeth alone, which is always preferable.

Implant dentistry is also commonly used in supporting dentures. It is no secret that few people like using dentures. In one instance, removable dentures can slip and slide around in the mouth. On the other, secured dentures often make eating and speaking rather difficult. And, of course, having dentures of either variety can limit the type of foods you can enjoy. With implant dentistry, however, a person does not need to worry about any of this. Dentures that are placed using implant dentistry will not shift, will not need adhesive, and will not restrict a person’s diet.

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