Veneers & Lumineers

veneersEver wonder how celebrities achieve their beautiful smiles?  Part of the equation involves high quality, custom veneers.  Popular among actors and celebrities, veneers are typically made out of porcelain, and the color can be customized to give you the best, natural-looking results. The porcelain veneer may be installed over the existing tooth as a cosmetic cover over the course of several appointments. Lumineers are a variation of veneers that may require less time to install but that may provide you with the considerably beautiful results that you want to see.

When you see a set of perfectly radiant, white teeth that are straight and beautiful, it can be difficult not to take notice. You may even feel envious and think about how great it would be to live life with those teeth. The fact is that you can enjoy the look of perfect teeth with relative ease through veneers and lumineers is a cosmetic option available to patients at our practice.  Dr. Lee and his team use only the best materials and technology in producing your custom veneers.

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